Capital Ale House Beer Corps Program

By: Linzy Browne

It's Friday night and the restaurant is packed with the constant 'clink-clank' of dishes in the kitchen, servers and bartenders banter with customers, and the beer is flowing fast. Our team at Capital Ale House experiences shifts likes this day in and day out. The relationship and dynamic between restaurant team members is always unique and not often enough developed outside the walls of the restaurant. This is one of the founding reasons Capital Ale House created their Beer Corps. 

The Capital Ale House Beer Corps program pays their team to volunteer, offering staff the opportunity to work away from their daily routines and outside the walls of the Ale House. This program builds moral, team work, and a community presence: all in the spirit of volunteering.

Richmond Capital Ale House team member Andrew Crowne said, รข"Beer Corps events allow us to hang out together, meet new people and gives us a day of 'work' that doesn't feel like work. We are volunteering; making a difference in our community-without missing hours of work."

Capital Ale House participates in volunteer events about once a month, normally on a weekday and if weather permits, outside. This year they have volunteered with the Alzheimer's Association, the MS Society, and the James River Park System to name a few. Capital Ale House also sponsors festivals and events within the community like the annual National Beer Expo and Hops in the Park, where Beer Corps volunteers help with operations. 

"Beer Corps has given our staff the opportunity to see one another out of uniform and work mode, understanding one another's true personalities. It's the time where we are working together for the greater good of our community," said Amy DuFour, Marketing Director, Capital Ale House. 

Currently, Capital Ale House is seeking more volunteer opportunities. Due to the hours and the nature of a restaurant, volunteering on weekends is difficult. If you have a volunteer opportunity for the Capital Ale House Beer Corps team, reach out to Linzy Browne at