2017 Craft Brewers Conference

“Virginia is for Craft Beer Lovers”

By: Tarun Sinha

This was the first sign I saw from upon entering the enormous hall at the National Craft Beer Conference held in Washington DC.  The conference was held over a course of 3 days and included vendors displaying state of the art brewing and bar technology, various symposiums on brewing and marketing, and hospitality suites that included the best snacks you can pair with your beer. 


The Virginia is for Craft Beer Lovers suite included everything I love about a Virginia brewery. The hospitality suite included live Bluegrass music from Love Canon, cornhole, always a crowd favorite, vintage arcade games delicious, freshly shucked oysters and slow cooked BBQ sliders. 


Imagine what you like about your favorite local brewery, and that element was at CBC.  Stone, Chaos Mountain Brewery, James River Brewery and 3 Notch’d were just a handful of the Virginia Craft breweries that were present, serving ice cold brews to anyone that wished to join. The breweries offered a wide range of beer, so everyone present definitely got to enjoy their favorite style. 


Topping off the festivities was a speech from Virginia Governor, and craft beer advocate, Terry McAuliff, who reminded us why craft beer is great for our state.  This industry bring hundreds of jobs to us, increases tourism to different parts of the state and most importantly, provided families, friends and communities a place to come together, get to know one another and enjoy some delicious local beer.